About the Team


The Bottom Line

  • 30-33 player competitive co-ed team
  • 2-3  practices per week
  • Tournaments throughout the year incluiding Nationals in Orlando, Florida
  • Plenty of room for new players every year


On September 14th, 2006, the Pittsburgh Club Tennis Team was born, holding its first tryout and marking the beginning of a new, competitive club sport at the University of Pittsburgh. The tryout consisted of 30 people vying for 15 spots on a co-ed team. Unfortunately, the team only saw one match all year.  But thanks to the strong leaders on the Officer team and all of the players’ dedication and commitment, the team saw plenty more matches in its second season.

The 2007-2008 season brought on countless exciting changes. Over 50 student athletes battled at tryouts for an increased 20 spots. Match play also increased. The team traveled to four different states, and played over 20 different teams in tournament and match play. The Pittsburgh Club Tennis Team began to practice more frequently during the week thanks to increased court time.  With the players’ dues money, the team was able to hire a part-time coach which allowed players to further develop their skills twice a week.  As the team continued to grow together on the court, they became closer off the court as well.  Teammates quickly became great friends and the club has quickly evolved into a close-knit family.

Since the 2008 season, Pitt Club Tennis has increased its roster to 30 spots. Almost 100 people tryout every year, helping Pitt to become a contender in the USTA Middle States Section. In the 2015, 2016, and 2017 seasons the Pitt Club Tennis has only continued to become more successful. The Club Tennis Team has consistently been ranked in the top fifty in the country out of over 300 club teams throughtout the US. 

Every year due to dedicated players and the leadership of the Club Officers our team continues to improve. 


        All players, of every year, must tryout every year, even if they had previously been on the team. The team looks for committed and strong tennis players that will help Pitt be a dominant force in tournament and match play. Requirements for members vary, but they usually include the payment of dues, adequate practice and match attendance, and overall participation with the club’s activities. A player looking to tryout must be reminded that the club team is competitive and thus this may not be the best fit for players with little experience. Players will be asked to travel for tournaments.


      Officers are elected by the previous year’s officers and have a variety of different jobs and responsibilities. Budgeting, tournament scheduling, and fundraising, are just a few of the many tasks in which the team officers partake. Officers are previous team members that have proven to be both good tennis players and leaders on the team.


The Pittsburgh Club tennis team is part of USTA Tennis on Campus program. The following link is for our Tennis on Campus page:



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