Signing up for Pitt Club Tennis Tryouts 

1) Visit the Club Tennis table at either the Club Sports Fair (August 26th) or the Activities Fair (August 27th) and enter your contact information into the computers provided. Also feel free to ask any questions about the team or tryouts at this time.

2) You will receive an email from the team to confirm your interest in trying out. You will need to reply to confirm if not we will assume you have changed your mind about trying out.

3) We will send you another email indicating whether your tryout day is Saturday (9/2) or Sunday(9/3). You will have the opportunity to indicate a preference but unfortunately we cannot guarantee an accommodation. 

4) On the day of your tryout show up to Schenley Quad underneath the large white tent at 7:15am . Please be on time because we are carpooling. If you do however find yourself running late feel free to contact either of the presidents (Kynadi or Mitchell) and we will see if a car can wait for you. Our contact information will be given in the tryout email.

Other Details: September 4th is reserved for call backs for any players we wish to evaluate further. The tryout process consists mostly of a roundrobin tournament and we will evaluate you during your matches. This is an opportunity to show the team’s officers your best tennis so please come prepared and of course HAVE FUN! We can’t wait to meet all of you!!!!!!!




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